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The DOs And DON'Ts Of Spring/Summer Floor Care

With spring here, it's time to take another look at your floor care procedures. With no ice and salt to worry about, there are still maintenance issues you will face, and Swish has the solutions. We previously laid out some DOs and DON'Ts of winter floor care, so now's a great time to discuss spring and summer ones.

entrance matting in a hotel

Outdoors (parking lots, walkways, sidewalks...)

DO sweep outdoor spaces clear of dirt, leaves, trash, or rocks. Use either a broom or sweeper.

DO clean the ground with a pressure washer when needed. This will wash away embedded dirt sweeping can't get. There are even pressure washers designed for outdoor surfaces, like the Jarvis.

DON'T assume that people will use garbage bins even if they're present. You'll have to always be on the lookout for litter and empty any bins regularly. A dirty, trash-filled place is not attractive to customers or patrons.

DO use matting outdoors when needed We have easy-to-clean mats for outdoors and they not only trap dirt, but are provide slip resistance too.

DO look for uneven bricks or stones as they could lead to tripping. The safety of your employees and customers should be a priority.
outdoor spring floor care

Entrance Ways

DON'T only tend to this area once a day. If you have a medium to high traffic facility, you'll need to check in on your entrance ways multiple times to ensure the space is clean and safe.

DO ensure entrance matting is present to trap incoming dirt and grime. At least 15 feet is recommended for the best job.

DO regularly clean entrance matting. Depending on the type of matting, you can use a carpet extractor or a pressure washer. After washing, dry fully or it could still lead to slip and fall accidents. A carpet drier will get the job done quickly.

DON'T just lay matting down. It may need to be anchored so it's more safe.

DO make floors as shiny as possible. It's aesthetically pleasing and a sign of good facility care.

DON'T spread outside contaminants around inside. Be aware of what surfaces your tools have touched and will be touching.

entrance way spring floor care

Inside Your Facility

DO use cleaning products that provide high traction like this Gloss restorer.

DO use products you know are effective on your floor type.

DON'T just clean for the sake of cleaning. Taking care of your floors prolongs their life and reduces the need for intensive maintenance like stripping.

DO use burnishers and floor pads to keep the top layers of your floor clean and shiny.

DO use tools to aid in reducing cross contamination like the Wavebreak® mop bucket or mop handles with snap-off heads for quick, minimal contact changes.

DON'T do things the slow, less sanitary way if you don't have to. Cleaning with equipment like a scrubber is faster and does a better job cleaning. Increasing productivity leads to saving money.

DO be aware of areas potentially more prone to slip/fall accidents and ensure you're taking necessary precautions there.

DON'T just clean when it looks dirty. Having a routine and giving your floor the attention it needs prolongs damage and saves you a lot of money and time. Swish's 5CE program is a great, safe plan for a healthy, clean floor.

Swish has the tools and expertise to help your floors thrive year round. We put an equal emphasis on cleanliness and safety as we do productivity, meaning your cleaning routine can be as effective as possible. Don't lose money on damaged floors and slip/fall accidents.

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