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Swish's Wood Floor Program Slam Dunks Traditional Refinishing Methods

Wood floors stand up to a lot. Whether its basketball games, bowling, fitness classes, banquets, or meetings, these beloved wood floors that many schools, rec centres, and other facilities proudly display get easily worn and dirty. They become unsafe as finish wears off, reducing the amount of slip resistance. These factors result in floors looking dull and uncared for.

But they're not uncared for, you just don't have several straight days to block off to restore the floors, right? This is where Swish can help. Our wood floor care program far exceeds traditional methods any day and only in a day. Let me break it down for you, in quarters, since I now have basketball on the brain.


Preparation And Deep Cleaning

1st Q: Prep Cleaning

Traditional methods: First, strip the floor of lines if you're in a gymnasium. Use a dust mop to wipe the surface, and ensure that you're not just spreading the dirt around. Rinse the floors afterwards, allotting time to dry.
Swish's Wood Floor Program: Aside from dust mopping, which you should regularly do anyway, Swish has a special wood floor prep solution that removes black scuff marks and embedded dirt. It preps floors for finish and can be applied with a floor scrubber. Rinse floors afterwards with a simple damp mop.

Score: 1-0 for Swish

2nd Q: Sanding/Deep Cleaning

Traditional methods: It could take a whole day just to sand the floors, stripping them down to a new layer that's undamaged. This creates messes from dust that you'll need to vacuum and an unhealthy air quality.
Swish's Wood Floor Program: No sanding needed. Seriously. This means no mess, and a lot of saved time. Instead, Swish recommends a deep scrub to remove the damaged finish, and you already have the machine needed for this because you just used it to apply the prep solution.

Score: 2-0 for Swish

3rd Q: Applying Finish

wood floor finishTraditional methods: Apply finish evenly. Dry for 24 hours. Sand. Apply Finish evenly. Dry for 24 hours. Sand. Repeat if needed. Then you must wait at least a full day before you can use the floors. Some sources suggest waiting up to a week. Not to mention that in a gym, you have to reapply the lines still.
Swish's Wood Floor Program: Our water-based urethane acrylic high gloss Gym Finish applies easily and is slip resistant. But the biggest benefit is that it dries in under two hours so you can apply the second coat on that same day. After that dries, you're free to use the floor!  And if you require more slip resistance, Swish has a wood cleaner/restorer called High Traction™ that cleans your floors while reducing the risk of slips and fall accidents.

Score: 3-0 for Swish

Periodic Cleaning And Maintenance

4th Q: Periodic Cleaning

Traditional methods: Sweeping and dust mopping frequently that often just spread dirt around and don't help floors with their shine.
Swish's Wood Floor Program: Dust mopping to remove soils and reduce risk of damage. Swish has a heavy-duty no-rinse wood cleaner that can be applied with a scrubber to quickly emulsify salt residue or other soils that dull floors. Feel free to buff or burnish if you want a stronger gloss. We even have a high gloss solution made specifically for wood. 

Final Score: 4-0 for Swish

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What a game, right? Swish is the clear winner here. No matter what facility you have, if your wood floors need some attention, as most high-traffic wood floors do once or twice a year, don't wait until you may or may not have a whole week to work on it. Swish's program refinishes floors in one day and without sanding.

Wood floors are often a facility's showcase, and we at Swish want to help you maintain their natural beauty in a safe, clean way.

Actually, I'd like to say that our wood floor program is a slam dunk, but what it really is, is a Swish.

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