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Safer And Faster Polished Concrete And Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo and polished concrete continue to be among the most popular flooring substrates due to their durability, longevity, and attractive look. However, their maintenance more often than not is a challenge; the browning out, deep staining, flaking, and grinding process requires a highly specialized workforce and special equipment, need for cost—and labour—intensive deep stripping, and refinishing.

A faster, easier, safer and more cost-effective way to polish and maintain terrazzo and polished concrete floors, developed by our manufacturing research and development team, enables you to do it in 3 easy steps.

Swish Terrazzo Care Program - Before and After

Our customers are delighted the most by the following 8 key benefits of the Swish Terrazzo and Concrete Floor Care Program:

  1. Never deep strip, deep scrub, or refinish your floors again! You do it one last time before implementing the Swish Terrazzo and Concrete Floor Care Program and never do it again!
  2. No requirement for capital investment or specialized staff. Implement the program using your existing equipment and existing staff with minimal training, provided by the Swish experts.
  3. Simple, fast, and easy. With just 3 products (2 of which you only use once) and a set of high-performance double-sided diamond pads, the steps are straightforward and easy to follow.
  4. No need to change your maintenance schedule. Once densifier is applied, you continue with your regular maintenance using our Cleaner-Maintainer-Polish (CMP) in your auto-scrubber and the sheen continues to gradually increase with each use.
  5. Guaranteed clean uniform shine, which increases over time. If higher sheen is desired, just burnish the floor using our double-sided maintenance pad for that extra shine.
  6. Products formulated for high performance to maximize the coverage, extend the life of your terrazzo floors, and reduce environmental impact. Diamond flakes in our patented pads are embedded into the fibers before pads are woven. This technology makes them superior to pads that are just surface-coated. Plus, our double-sided pads deliver instantaneous savings as compared to one-sided pads, reducing the number of pads to use.
  7. Immediate improvement in coefficient of friction and increased traction, minimizing the risk of slip and fall and making your floors safer.
  8. Peace of mind and confidence in the outcome. Swish experts provide on-site training to ensure the program is implemented correctly and work closely with you to adjust it to your specific real-life conditions, giving facility managers peace of mind and confidence in a clean, consistent and uniform shine of their terrazzo and polished concrete floors.

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Swish is here to help you achieve cleaner, safer, higher gloss, and higher traction terrazzo and polished concrete floors faster.



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