Posted by Victoria Donovan ● 2/5/19 11:02 AM

Treat Your Floors To A Full New Shine With A Partial Restore

You were diligent all winter thus far. You had no slip or fall accidents in or outside of your facility. Your floors were sparkling. But as winter comes to an end and you start thinking ahead to spring, you're noticing that all your hard work is taking a bit of a toll on your floors. They're not as shiny, and there are some spots of wear.

You've done Interim Maintenance by burnishing and buffing but your floors still aren't responding like new.

Don't fret; this is common. It's time for a Partial Restore of your floors. This is where you scrub them to remove the damaged finish and embedded dirt so you can then add a fresh top coating.

shiny floor.You may be wondering, why not just do a deep strip? Well, a Partial Restore is less intensive, but still gets floors looking new and shiny. It also saves time, money, and labour because it is not as cumbersome. Because you took such great care of your floors, you're allowed to do Partial Restores every so often instead of the more-demanding Complete Restores. It's better for you, your floors, and the environment.

A Partial Restore involves:

  1. Dust mopping the floor with a flat mop and a dust pan, picking up any solid debris
  2. Scrubbing and rinsing the floor with a mop or a floor scrubber and a deep scrub solution from Swish or Enviro-Solutions™
  3. Applying a high quality finish with a floor machine until the desired gloss is achieved

Partial Restores are the 4th Critical Element as part of Swish's own floor care program called 5ce.5CE (5 Critical Elements Of Floor Care). This program is designed to keep floors clean and safe while prolonging their life and cutting down on the time and cost needed to maintain them. It's a very thorough program that can be adapted to suit any facility of any size. We cover every step of proper floor care starting from sweeping and entrance matting (Pre-Routine Maintenance) to sealing and finishing (Complete Restorative).

We at Swish are floor care experts. We know all the methods to clean more effectively. We know how to keep your facility safe and clean through the tough winters and beyond. For more information on how the 5CE program can save your facility time and money, or to schedule a no-obligation facility assessment, click on the button below.

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