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Is your facility ready for winter?

We hear the threat of snow, whether its showers, flurries or snowfalls and are always threatened by bigger ones to come as the weather changes.

When winter arrives, whether you like it or not, being ready for the problems snow and ice can create for your facility should be your number one priority. Read on and learn how the Swish “How to” experts can prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Eliminate outdoor slip and fall accidents
Outdoor walkways and parking lots can be slippery, resulting in slip and falls from patrons, employees, or passersby. Environmentally responsible ice melt products in liquid or pellets are available with added features of being concrete safe to prevent corrosion, pet and animal-friendly safe and do not harm vegetation.
Reduce indoor slip and falls, and winter floor damage
Winter slush and dirt can continuously get tracked into your building, making the floors dangerous and unattractive. By installing just 15 feet of entrance matting to trap dirt and water, your floors will be kept safe and clean. Proper Entrance matting systems can also significantly reduce the amount of premature wear of finish on your floors.
Prolong the life of your floor and improve facility image
It is easy to achieve clean, safe, and appealing floors by merely ensuring a proper routine maintenance process in place. Floors need to be cleaned regularly and more frequent during the winter and can be more prone to losing their traction as a result of winter elements. Including a high traction floor restorer in your arsenal of winter floor care products can improve the traction, reduce slip and fall accidents and deliver clean, safe floors. Periodically when floors appear to have a film from winter de-icer chemical build-up, the use of a neutralizing winter floor cleaner is necessary. The solution chemistry is designed to break down the bond between the floor surface and build-up by removing the film and neutralizing the alkaline from the floor.
For more winter floor care information, or to obtain any of the suggested solutions contact a Swish “How-to” Expert. We’re here and ready to aid in any winter challenges you may have, and our goal is to create clean, safe and healthy environments. We are floor care experts and can help you maintain any type of flooring year-round.
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