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Infection Prevention 101: Is Your Organization Losing Time And Money?

Infections and diseases don't discriminate between facilities. Offices, schools, hospitals, community centres, stores...they all suffer from unique cleanliness challenges and will all lose time, productivity, and money if employees catch something. 

Employee sneezing during a meeting

So why isn't there a bigger focus on infection prevention in our lives?

There are many things you can do to protect yourself and others around you from infections and diseases, and as the winter approaches, it is imperative that people take an active role in this. There's been a heavy push over the last several years for simple habits like good hand hygiene, but an alarmingly large number of people still do a poor job with it or don't even bother at all, so it's worth saying again and continuously working on. 

The infections we want to protect ourselves from are more than just a common cold. You may be able to handle the sniffles, but can you handle Norovirus, a bug that kills 1000 Americans every year, or C. difficile, a bacteria that infected over 30,000 Canadians in 2012? These two infections along with several others like the flu, Zika, and Hepatitis are what Swish is determined to protect your staff, clientele, and visitors from by providing the proper infection control programs and products.

Those sick days really add up 

Some places of concern are schools, workplaces/offices, community centres, and healthcare facilities like nursing homes or hospitals because they are high-traffic facilities where it can be easy for bacteria to grow if the cleaning procedures are lacking. This can have consequences; from employees getting sick and missing work to patients contracting new diseases, there is a hefty price tag to it all. One study estimated that American employers lose $260 billion a year due to poor employee health, which translates to a lot of lost hours of productivity or learning, and perhaps a bad reputation.Swish is here to help you avoid this. We're experts in infection prevention because of our experience, facts, science, know-how, tools, and the ability to develop a plan that works for you and your specific establishment. Here are some of the methods we think everyone should be applying:


  • Enforce hand washing after using the bathroom and before/after handling food. This includes ensuring touch-free soap dispensers are filled, as well as touch-free paper dispensers for drying.
  • Have hand sanitizer readily available around your facility and encourage use throughout the day.
  • Identify major touch-points in the environment (coffee pot handles, light switches, etc.) and ensure the cleaning crew maintains them regularly. 
  • Ensure you're using appropriate disinfectants for your facility and always follow the instructions. Misusing a product can cause a lot of damage to surfaces or people in proximity. Dwell time and the kind of cloth you use matters too.
  • Use the right products to clean/disinfect and at certain levels. Swish offers a spectacular program where, with just two products at the proper dilution, you can disinfect 95% of your surfaces.
Take action now

If you're interested in preventing infections in your environment or have a cleaning challenge, contact Swish today. Winter is coming, and taking action now will prevent a loss of money and productivity due to illnesses.

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