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Get In Touch With Touch-Free Systems

A well-known infection prevention tip is to clean surfaces and items that are considered high traffic touch points (like doorknobs, hand rails, and coffee pot handles)—but what about the touch points that are there to aid in cleanliness (like soap dispensers, toilet flush handles, and sink faucet knobs)? Do those get cleaned too? Hopefully yes, but what's even safer for your facility isn't a soap dispenser that's clean, it's a soap dispenser that doesn't get touched by its users.

Reduce cross contamination
touch-free paper towel dispenser

You want to protect your employees and guests from picking up any bacteria or viruses, right? Hard surfaces that people touch lead to cross contamination, and that's why you need touch-free dispensers in your facility. They don't assist in the spreading of germs and they get the job done. Reducing the number of touch points, especially in places like bathrooms that already have a reputation for being dirty, is ideal. Consider upgrading to touch-free toilets/urinals, touch-free faucets, touch-free soap dispensers, touch-free paper towel dispensers, touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers, and even touch-free doors. The demand for them is there. According to one study regarding bathroom behaviors, 66% of people "use a variety of maneuvers to avoid touching anything, including using their feet to flush toilets, their elbows to open doors, and paper towels to turn off faucets and open handled doors on their way out."

The benefits of touch-free systems

According to a study in the American Journal Of Critical Care in which researchers observed people in two areas of a hospital using a touch-free and a non-touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser. They found that "the touch-free dispensers were used significantly more often than were the manual dispensers. The means for the number of episodes of hand hygiene per hour were 4.42 for the touch-free dispensers and 3.33 for the manual dispensers."

Touch-free systems also encourage people to use them because they're more enticing, and since there is already a large amount of people who don't wash their hands or don't make use of what's available, if something as simple as a motion-sensored soap blob will get them to take action, it's worth it. You already know there is a huge cost to employee absenteeism, so companies should be doing everything they can to reduce this and protect their people.

Another benefit to touch-free systems that appeals to companies is that because they are programmed to only dispense so much soap or run the water for so many seconds, in the long run they save money because there's less waste and less of a need to refill as often.

touch-free soap dispenser
Modernize your facility today

Swish carries many brands of touch-free dispensers and systems, so contact us to learn more and find the one best for your facility. Our hygiene experts can answer any questions you may have and aid you in your quest for infection prevention and cleanliness.

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