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End Your Floor Care Suffering With The Use Of Machines

Floor care is a time consuming but important task. The quality of floors say a lot about a facility, and first impressions can be everything. That's why you need to take great care of your floors the right way, and that means having the right equipment. Mops and buckets, while effective, can only do so much. So if your facility struggles with any of the following challenges, we've got the solutions.

Struggle: It takes too many people to maintain the floors

Solution: By speeding up the process by 150% (1.5 hours by mop vs 30 minutes by floor scrubber) with the use of equipment, the same tasks will take far less labour and time, so your maintenance crew will be free to complete other tasks.
man using a floor machine.

Struggle: The cleaning process starts out really nice, but by the end of the job, things aren't as clean or consistent

Solution: Of course humans get tried after hours of work, and the quality of a cleaning job starts to falter. Luckily, machines can run for many, many, many hours and still deliver the same high quality level of consistent results you want. Floor machines and burnishers, for example, are designed to apply a constant pressure on the floors.

Struggle: Good equipment is too expensive

Solution: Okay, equipment can definitely be costly and a lot more expensive when compared to traditional mops, buckets, cloths, and brooms, but it's an investment as the cost of the machine is paid off many times over in labour and time savings.

time savings

Struggle: Several maintenance people have reported bodily injuries from repetitive motion

Solution: Intense work like mopping or scrubbing, especially in repetitive motions every day, can potentially lead to cramps, strains, and other injuries that will only further slow down the user. Machines are designed to be easy on the user and reduce their fatigue.

Struggle: Machines seem too complicated with all their buttons and features.

man using a sweeper.Solution: Not every machine is intricate. While there are machines that include a lot of interesting technological features for those who enjoy that, we are also aware that many users prefer a simple, easy-to-learn machine that gets the job done right, and we have several to offer. Furthermore, Swish will also provide training to your team if they need it so everyone is on the same page and is prepared to use the equipment.

There's a lot of equipment and choosing the right one can be overwhelming, but Swish's experts are here to help. We're ready to help evaluate your facility's needs and struggles and find you the equipment that works with your budget.

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