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Eliminating Odours At Their Source With Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners

Even with the best-run cleaning program, there are areas in any facility that are prone to generating foul odours. Whether it is grease accumulation on surfaces in the kitchen, urine smell in the washroom, pet urine smell in a carpeted room, or other odours stemming from untreated organic matter, there are two ways to tackle the problem. One is to use a product that helps mask the odour with a pleasant scent. The other is to eliminate the odour by removing its source.

What causes odours?

Many foul odours are generated by organic waste not properly cleaned. Think of urine stains around the toilets or pet urine dried in the carpet or grease accumulated on the kitchen floor. Well, the latter also presents the risk of slip and fall, but that's a topic for another time. To remove organic matter causing the stink safely and rapidly, bio-enzymatic cleaners come in very handy.


What is a bio-enzymatic or bio cleaner?

Bio-enzymatic cleaners work by digesting (consuming) organic matter with the help of safe non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes. Enzymes are a type of protein produced by the bacteria that act as a catalyst to help break up long, complex waste molecules into smaller, simpler pieces (like water and carbon dioxide), which can then be consumed. Many bio-enzymatic formulations include manufactured enzymes to improve the immediate effect of the cleaner while the bacteria establish themselves. Through these processes organic waste is consumed, eliminating bad smells and unsightly soil and contaminants.

Benefits of bio-enzymatic cleaners for odour elimination

There are multiple benefits of using safer, more effective bio-enzymatic odour counteractants, like Swish® Aromx™ line, to remove the source of an odour versus using a product that just masks a bad smell.

Bio-enzymatic cleaners help eliminate the source of the odour thus minimizing the chance of recurrence. For additional peace of mind, choose products that are Green Seal or EcoLogo certified, which means they are safer for human health and for the environment. With good bacteria continuing to work, bio-enzymatic cleaners provide residual cleaning for up to 80 hours after application!

Bio-enzymatic alternatives are available in many categories, including odour eliminators, urinal block cleaners and deodorizers, washroom cleaners, drain maintainers, and de-greasers. These products can be used in both a business setting and at home.

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