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Clean, safe floors are easily achievable – even in winter

winter-floorsWith the onset of winter with it always looms the promise of harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. It is also the time to be asking yourself if you and your floors are prepared.


For many facilities, floor conditions can play a significant role in your company image and the comfort of your patrons and employees. Without proper preparation and maintenance, winter conditions can turn your pristine floors into a nightmare in a hurry.

Protect your Flooring with an Effective Floor Care Plan

Diligent floor care and maintenance are crucial in a variety of industries that deal with the public regularly. Good floor care during winter months is more than just about the appearance of your floors; it’s also about the health and safety of the people walking on them.

There is a multitude of compelling reasons to exercise conscientious floor care, but it all comes down to two main points, human safety and the preservation of floor quality.

Over 4 million people are injured annually in North America in slip and fall accidents.
5 Ways to Prepare Floors for Winter

There are several effective floor care maintenance strategies that can be applied to prevent floor damage and slip and fall accidents.

Thawing Ice Melters

Laying down salt or other de-icers can seem like a time consuming and messy job, but not using ice melt can be a serious mistake. You are creating a huge liability for your business if you are not adequately clearing entrance ways of ice and snow to reduce slips and falls.

When ice melt is applied to sidewalks and parking lots before and after a snowfall or freezing rain, it can reduce slip and fall accidents.
Effective Matting

The dirt, salt, and grime tracked daily into your building can cause severe deterioration to your flooring if not appropriately addressed. In fact, 70-80% of the debris that damages floors are tracked in on the footwear of pedestrian traffic from the outdoors. This level of contamination can be significantly reduced with effective matting. 

Just 15 feet of well-placed matting can reduce the amount of soil and debris being tracked in on footwear by 80%.
Consistent Care for Matting and Indoor Flooring

Matting needs to be cleaned regularly to help prevent water log, salt damage, and becoming ineffective. Also, any moisture, soil, and salt deposits the mats don’t catch need to be removed from indoor flooring. 

To achieve this, an environmentally responsible neutral floor cleaner that does not leave an alkaline residue or cause damage to floors or the environment can be used. 
Traction Enhancement Floor Restorers

A restoration cleaner with traction enhancement helps restore the glossy finish of your flooring, and at the same time improves surface traction to reduce slip and fall risks.

Regular application helps reduce high labour costs and the need to restore floors completely when included in winter floor care maintenance.

5ceDaily Floor Care Maintenance
The best way to protect your floors and patrons during this season is through an effective and reliable floor care maintenance program.

Swish offers a comprehensive and efficient 5CE (Critical Elements) Floor Care Program to keep your floors safe and immaculate all year round. For winter floor care, the main emphasis includes steps 1, 2, and 3, of the 5-step program, being Pre-Routine, Routine, and Interim Maintenance.

Why take the risk of your image, costly floor damage or slip and fall accidents?

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