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A Clean Fleet Is An Easy Feat

Pressure washers are hands down the most efficient way to clean commercial vehicles.

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Imagine this. You have a small fleet of 8 commercial vehicles used for hauling gravel. You rely on these vehicles everyday to keep your business operating and generate income for your family. But since they’re dump trucks, mainly hauling gravel, you don’t really worry about keeping them clean. They’re only trucks; they’ll get dirty again, right?

Wrong. Here’s why keeping your fleet clean is important. First, a clean truck represents your company brand by reflecting a better image of professionalism. This is meaningful for creating new and repeat business. A clean vehicle will operate longer and assist with keeping repair expenses down because there should be no dirt and grit grinding away at any moving parts.

Beyond that, another important factor is that clean windows, mirrors, headlights, and taillights allow your operators to see pedestrians and other vehicles (and vice-versa), possibly preventing accidents.

Health and safety are paramount.

So how do you best achieve this? With a commercial pressure washer.

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They enable your operators to clean their vehicles quickly and often, all while keeping your labour costs down. The selection of the right pressure washer is important. Sure, there are always low-price units in the weekly local flyers, and who is not attracted to a low price? But you need to do your homework before selecting any for commercial use. Most of these lower-priced units have a shorter lifespan. Learn more about the differences between commercial and home-use pressure washers in this post.

There are typically two methods to pressure wash vehicles. The first one is utilizing a vehicle wash detergent with a fair amount of suds and a pressure washer unit. This requires wetting the vehicle down, applying the detergent, manually brushing the entire surface, and then doing a final rinse to ensure you remove the suds and detergent residue. This method is time consuming, doesn’t make the most of the pressure washer, and is more appropriate for washing a single, small vehicle.

The second method is what we refer to as a brushless vehicle wash. This process utilizes a brushless detergent and a pressure washer. Even with low foam, it produces very good results and takes the least amount of time to complete. It’s perfect for small or large fleets of any type of vehicles. The process involves applying a low foaming detergent to the dry surface of the vehicles through the pressure washer, allowing for direct contact of the detergent with the dirt and soils and quickly breaking them down. This happens right away, so by the time your operator is done applying the detergent around the entire vehicle, the vehicle will be ready for a high pressure washer rinse. This process is extremely cost effective, sustainable (as the water consumption is lower than conventional methods), and the results are undeniable.

fleet wash 3No matter what your fleet handles, it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Swish has a variety of pressure washers that will suit your needs, and we'd love to help you choose one to elevate your fleet-cleaning or other cleaning processes. As fleet owners, we understand how important it is to keep them clean with the right tools. 
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