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Commercial Sweepers Crash Course - Part 2

There are numerous benefits to having a sweeper in your arsenal, as discussed in Part 1 of our Crash Course on Commercial Sweepers. You start saving money the moment you use your commercial sweeper for the first time—it helps reduce the amount of debris and soil otherwise tracked into the building by up to 66%. This means your staff does not have to remove all that dirt and can focus on other tasks to ensure your facility is safe, clean, and makes a great first impression every time.

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Now that you have made the decision that a sweeper is worth investing in, what should you consider to select a sweeper that will be best for your facility?

    1. The size of the outdoor or indoor space to be cleaned
    2. The type of the areas to be cleaned (outdoor parking lots, indoor garages, outdoor walkways, warehouse aisles, shipping areas, production floor, hallways, etc.)
    3. The amount and type of debris that accumulates on the surface
    4. The level of cleanliness (desired or required)
    5. Manual sweepers are often the most compact, they do not require a power source and are easy to operate by pushing the machine to clean paths, halls, and sidewalks quickly. Machines with traction drive are ideal from 300 m² (3,200 sq. feet)
    6. Powered walk-behind sweepers produce a powerful sweeping action to pick up litter and fine particles from hard surfaces. They are ideal for small to medium-sized areas. The no-push drive reduces fatigue, making them easier to operate.
    7. Ride-on sweepers are built to withstand harsh outdoor or indoor environments. They are equipped with a large onboard hopper for extended periods of sweeping. Best suited for large industrial facilities, parking lots, and parking garages.
    8. Maintenance is key to keeping your sweeper doing its job. It only makes sense to buy from a company that can also provide service (planned maintenance and emergency repairs).

We at Swish help customers like you with both the pre-purchase complimentary sweeper consultation and post-purchase cleaning equipment service to ensure you pick the right sweeper for your facility and it performs at its best at all times. After our complimentary consultation, you'll be on your way to cleaning more efficiently while saving money and time. Now is a great time to invest in a sweeper!

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