Posted by Irina Kem ● 3/13/18 8:41 AM

Swish eStore: Cleaning Solutions Made Easy

estore-2With the recent launch of the Swish eStore, access to professional cleaning products and equipment is easier than ever no matter who you are!

Whether you are looking to solve a cleaning challenge at work or at home, you can purchase our proven cleaning products online with just your credit card. You can find the right product by checking the Cleaning Tasks library or by going directly into the Product Category menu. 60+ years of expertise in the cleaning industry right at your fingertips on your phone, tablet, or computer.

No credit applications, no hassle. Quick. Easy. Convenient. eStore purchases ship on the next business day.

Infection prevention, air quality and odour management, sanitizing and disinfecting, grout cleaning and stainless steel cleaning, pressure washers, and slip and fall prevention are among the most searched tasks on the Swish eStore.

Visit the eStore!

We're excited to be your new online source for professional cleaning supplies!


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