Posted by Francesco Ferrara ● 1/29/18 1:47 PM

What Sustainable Cleaning Solutions Mean To Us At Swish

At Swish it is our objective to meet the sustainable development goals of our customers and their customers by delivering proven innovative solutions that help make the spaces they work and live in safer and more environmentally responsible.

3 pillars of sustainability

Swish has been built on three pillars of Sustainability—Environmental, Social, and Economic—and these pillars have been part of our philosophy since the early days of the company. Over the years, we have taken many steps in our sustainable development journey with our focus remaining on understanding our customer's problems and developing effective cleaning processes and solutions that create value and meet their changing requirements.

With our strong focus on sustainability, Swish recognizes the importance of offering cleaning products that are less harmful to human health and the environment. We offer a wide range of cleaning chemistry, hand hygiene, towel, and tissue products as well as can liners that are ECOLOGO and Green Seal certified. Along with that, we offer cleaning equipment that combines environmental benefits and efficiency to minimize the resources used to clean.

sustainability earth

We are continually evaluating our products and operations against the “3 Pillars of Sustainability.” We believe that only by considering and balancing all 3 pillars are we able to properly evaluate our business activities, make informed decisions, and ensure continued success.

Ask us today about ways to make your cleaning operations more sustainable so you too can live by these three pillars.

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