Posted by Irina Kem ● 12/28/17 11:17 AM

The Single Most Important Way To Reduce The Spread Of Germs

A recent study conducted by GOJO showed that 69% of working Americans didn’t take sick days when they were sick and 74% of parents had sent their child to school sick. Just think of how fast germs can spread and infect all around! According to the last week’s FluWatch Report by Health Canada, overall, influenza activity continues to increase across Canada.

While there are several preventive measures you can take to stay healthy this season, everyday hand hygiene—both handwashing and hand sanitizing with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer—is the single most important way to reduce the spread of germs. Learn more about infection prevention


Our friends from GOJO put together a practical info kit on best practices for staying healthy during the cold and flu season: from Q&A on Influenza to videos on proper hand washing and hand sanitizing routine to infographics on how to protect your kids from germs and how to deal with a sick co-worker and much more! Check it out, find a practice that works for you, your workplace and your home, and be well! And if you need any supplies, Swish has got you covered!

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