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Myth: Promoting A Positive Company Image Can Be Expensive

PURELL ES Everywhere System Workplace WellnessThere's a widespread perception that promoting a positive company image has to be expensive. Organizations often think office amenities or wellness initiatives need to be dramatic to have a positive impact on employees. Companies become convinced they need to build a gym or redesign the entire office; they need to do something dramatic so their employees will have to notice.

But the reality is when you look at actually completing these types of projects, they're very difficult and costly to implement. It’s much more practical to do small, inexpensive things for your employees that make their everyday lives better and healthier.

Why Employees Appreciate the Small Things

Not all of your employees will hit the company gym, participate in health screenings, or engage in other wellness programs. However, if you provide something simple like PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer and PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes throughout work areas, employees are more likely to use these products on a daily basis. In fact, just placing PURELL™ products at restroom exits can have an impact because employees pass in and out of the restroom multiple times every day.

Many companies underestimate the opportunity to enhance their image with something as straightforward as hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing wipes. However, the fact that employees are likely to use these products every day means there is a substantial opportunity to improve their view of the company.

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Proven Outcomes: 88% of Employees Like the PURELL™ Advanced Workforce Solution

GOJO recently conducted a hand hygiene intervention and outcome study at the corporate offices of Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO), a Fortune 1000 healthcare insurer. The study evaluated the impact of the PURELL™ Advanced Workforce Solution—a comprehensive hand hygiene program, which includes PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer and PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes—had on an office environment.

The study, Impact of a Comprehensive Workplace Hand Hygiene Program on Employer Health Care Insurance Claims and Costs, Absenteeism, and Employee Perceptions and Practices, which was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that among employees in the intervention group:

  • 88% said they liked the PURELL™ products provided by their employer
  • 80% said having PURELL™ products throughout work areas positively affected their impression of their employer
  • When provided, PURELL® Hand Hygiene products had more of an impact on the overall impression of the office space than free coffee/soda, low-cost food, filtered water, a recycling program or ATM/banking

Employees also said having PURELL™ products available throughout the office and at their workstations made them feel “more in control of their health and well-being” and “free to interact with co-workers without worrying about germs.”

Landmark Study Shows Reduction in Healthcare Claims and Absenteeism

This study also found:

  • Employees filed 24% fewer healthcare claims tied specifically to hand hygiene-preventable illnesses, such as cold and flu and respiratory illnesses
  • Absenteeism fell by 13.4% compared to the previous year

The PURELL™ Advanced Workforce Solution is highly affordable for all organizations—not just large companies—and is easy to implement. Best of all: its effectiveness is proven, both as a self-funding wellness initiative and a way to promote a positive company image.

By Thom Wojtkun - Market Development Director, Office Buildings, GOJO Industries

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