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Cleaning BIG

When it comes to cleaning large facilities and manufacturing plants, we know it’s not an easy job. Cleaning a large area in a consistent manner is even harder. What you need is a BIG, powerful machine to complete the job. Minuteman explains that ride-on cleaning equipment provides a significant boost to cleaning efficiency by as much as 60%.

PowerBoss knows the equipment challenges of large facilities and creates superior equipment for all their customers’ needs. Swish is proud to partner with PowerBoss to offer current promotions on their state-of-the-art equipment.

The Power of Clean from PowerBoss

Since 1985, PowerBoss has been manufacturing a full line of industrial cleaning machines that are cost-effective, provide reliable operation and innovative design features, and demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

Innovative and Environmental Solutions
PowerBoss ride-on sweeper

PowerBoss machines have Aqua-Stop technology, Aqua-Saver technology, maintenance-free gel batteries, onboard chargers, simplified controls, and other advancements that support customers and the green movement. These are a few of the many features that contribute to LEED or LEED-EBOM points. LEED stands for green building leadership. Additional information can be found here. PowerBoss’ Blue initiatives meet or exceed environmental Green cleaning standards specific to industrial applications and environments. A few Blue hallmarks are water conservation, clean air, clean energy, lower chemical reliance, lower emissions, and a safer work environment.

Safety and Quality

PowerBoss orange-coloured machines are easy to detect, thus putting safety first. The check mark featured on all the machines ensures that each piece of equipment has been checked for safety and quality. These machines offer the following features:

  • Maneuverable mid-size machines
  • Large tank capacity–long running times
  • Ergonomic, reliable design
  • Adjustable handles
  • Exceptional cleaning performance

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Benefits of Purchasing With Swish

Our Equipment Specialists can help you to determine the best equipment for your facility. We will schedule a site survey and provide free demos so you feel confident in your purchase every step of the way. Swish even offers the option to purchase or lease the equipment you choose. With the second option, you are putting your new equipment to work right away, at a fraction of the cost.

For added protection, we offer a Planned Maintenance Program. It is estimated that the cost to maintain and repair equipment, without planned maintenance, can exceed twice the amount of the machine purchase price. With a Swish Planned Maintenance Program, you will increase and maintain the uptime of your equipment and reduce costly and unproductive downtime. 

We believe in PowerBoss' products and know you'll love them too. Contact us to learn more!


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