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4 Easy Steps To Improve the Life Cycle Of Your Floors

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The appearance of a facility and its entrance is a top priority for business owners, as it’s the first thing patrons see when approaching and entering a place of business. Understanding the factors that affect a customers' first impression and create additional wear-and-tear on your floors can help you to manage and maintain your facilities more efficiently. From the amount of dirt outside that's being tracked in to routine maintenance or refinishing, each step is just as important as the next. 

A daily routine is the first step in preventative maintenance which helps reduce complete restoration. Cleaning & Maintenance Management once did a poll that demonstrated 30% of voters believe floor stripping and finishing creates the most issues in an operation. Companies cannot avoid full restoration but by following the steps within the life cycle process closely, you will lower your labour costs by prolonging the life of your floors, improving the overall image of your facility and reducing the risk of slip and falls.

Our Swish Carpet Care and Floor Care Specialists understand these complexities and explain the 4 easy steps to improving the life cycle of your floors (carpet and hard floors included):

Floor care Life Cycle Life Cycle of Floor & Carpet Care
  1. Routine Maintenance
    Hard floor: Dust and damp mopping to remove grit, dirt, and debris.

    Carpet: Vacuuming any time there is visible debris and prompt spot removal.
  2. Interim/Responsive Maintenance
    Hard floor: Spray buffing, burnishing and traction enhancement to remove embedded dirt and improve foot traction.

    Carpet: Spotting spills, pre-spraying and extracting with a carpet spotter.
  3. Partial Restorative/Periodic Maintenance
    Hard floor: Scrub and recoat to remove 1-2 coats of damaged finish and embedded dirt and prepare the floor for a fresh top coat.

    Carpet: Pre-treating entrances and other high traffic areas followed by extraction.
  4. Complete Restorative/Restorative Maintenance
    Hard floor: Deep stripping to remove all finish.

    Carpet: Pre-treating all areas followed by extraction, performed at least quarterly.

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