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Sustainability And Innovation In Towel & Tissue

Paper towels vs air dryersOnce considered medical items, towel and tissue have been a staple in the cleaning industry for over 100 years. While being traditional products, towel and tissue have evolved from an everyday, basic item to an innovative solution for reducing the spread of bacteria, increasing sustainable practices and the development of no-touch hygienic environments.

Dispensers vs. Air Dryers

The great debate! Which is better: paper towels or air dyers? Cascades, Canada’s leading manufacturer of towel and tissue, emphasizes a study completed by the University of Westminster that demonstrates that air dryers create a 194% increase in bacteria on fingers after use. This is due to the high powered air pressure that dryers create, which can spread bacteria up to 1 foot away. Deb Group also explains that when using a paper towel, a person will transfer any remaining bacteria from their hands to the paper towel. Paper towels can generally achieve 90% or more dryness in 15 seconds compared to an average of 45 seconds with air dryers. With these statistics in mind, paper towels prove to be more effective and hygienic than air dryers.

Innovative Dispensing Solutions

Cascades Research and Development Center has become the largest private Canadian R&D center in the pulp and paper industry. Recent innovations include Cascades Moka™ unbleached* bathroom tissue and Cascades Antibacterial™ hand towels, as well as the Tandem®+ Dispensing system, just to name a few. The Tandem+ dispenser is designed for high performance to meet the challenges of the modern facility and the public demand for sustainability. Their unique design sets them apart and eliminates paper waste thanks to a system that distributes one sheet at a time.

Other advantages of the Tandem+ system include a high capacity, mechanical, no-touch towel dispensing that was created to help facilities improve hygiene and lower operating costs. The Tandem+ offers ease-of-use, reliability, durability, and helps deliver a healthy and clean looking environment. The customizable OnDisplay™ window insert can be used to brand your business, promote specials and events, or advocate proper hand-washing hygiene.

The Tandem+ Nano™ hardwound roll towel dispensing system is a more compact alternative, created to fit in all those limited space areas like doctor's offices, break rooms, food preparation areas, and hand washing stations. This compact dispenser boasts most of the features of the larger Tandem+, including the OnDisplay advertising window, durability and no-touch operation.

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*Not bleached with chlorine.


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