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Choosing the Right Cleaning Equipment With Ease and Confidence

KarcherAs we gear up for the spring season, it's a good possibility that the effects of the winter weather can still be seen on your floors. The proper floor cleaning equipment can help to manage the impact any type of weather has on your flooring. There are multiple benefits to picking the right equipment, which include minimizing labour costs, increasing employee wellness, avoiding liabilities from slip and fall accidents and delivering effective floor cleaning while restoring beauty to your floors. As CleanLink explains, certain equipment can also help facilities achieve sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption, water use, and waste and chemical usage. There are even options available to remove and reduce the amount of dirt entering your building. Walk behind or ride-on scrubbers and wet/dry vacuums are excellent solutions to your equipment needs.

Choosing the Right Equipment
  1. Assess the job size and scope. As recommended by Minuteman International, if you have small and medium-sized floors with many obstacles, you’ll likely benefit from a walk-behind floor scrubber. If your floor area is rather large and hard to cover on foot, you’ll want a ride-on version to reduce operator fatigue.
  2. Sustainability. For customers who are focused on sustainable practices, Tennant Company points out that there are solutions available to empower customers to significantly reduce their environmental impact in the product “use phase” and help to create a cleaner, safer, healthier environment.
  3. Increase savings. Kärcher offers unique and innovative sweepers that work for both indoor and outdoor use. Sweeping just 10 feet outside your entrance can help you save up to $700 per pound of dirt by starting your cleaning process outside and removing the dirt before it enters your building.

Swish equipment specialists are here to help you navigate available equipment options to find the right one for your application. And it doesn't stop there—we offer purchase and lease options, enabling you to put your machine to work at a fraction of its cost.

Weighing Options

Purchasing and Leasing 

  • When you purchase equipment, you will own the equipment outright and have the option to sell it when you’re finished with it. The initial cost is higher and you are responsible for the maintenance costs.
  • When you lease equipment, you will have monthly payments for a set period of time, with an option to buy-out the equipment at the end of the payment period. Leasing allows you to conserve cash, gives you increased buying power and is quick and easy.

Swish offers the option to purchase or lease the equipment you choose. With the second option, you are putting your new equipment to work right away, at a fraction of the cost.

Planned Maintenance Program


For added protection, Swish offers a Planned Maintenance Program. It is estimated that the cost to maintain and repair equipment, without planned maintenance, can exceed twice the amount of the machine purchase price. With a Swish Planned Maintenance Program you will:

  • Increase and maintain the uptime of your equipment.
  • Improve equipment and operator productivity.
  • Reduce costly and unproductive downtime.
  • Detect minor repairs before they become major.
  • Prevent unnecessary wear.
  • Extend the overall life of your equipment.

Feel free to contact Swish to schedule a site survey. The site survey is an important step in the purchase process to help you choose the right equipment and save money.

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