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Restaurant Solutions From Swish? Yes!

Portrait of a young smiling waiter cleaning countertop with sponIn the 13 years we’ve been working closely with restaurant owners, our warewash division specialists continue to be amazed by restaurateurs’ unquenched passion for hospitality and ability to satisfy particular taste buds. In order to harness each of these capabilities, restaurant owners need to rest assured that their restaurant can deliver exceptional customer service in a fast-paced environment.

Whether it’s delivering food safety through proper preparation procedures, keeping premises, tables, and dishware clean, or maximizing efficiency and product resources, we hear from our customers that it is important to them to have a complete and effective cleaning program in place, so that they can focus on pampering their guests.

Restaurant Challenges

When doing a site assessment with restaurant owners, we focus on areas where they believe a change can bring the most positive impact to their business. For example, higher efficiency of dishwashing machines, lower energy consumption, and better cost-in-use. The most common challenges include:

  • Necessity to have cleaning processes established for both the front of the house and the back with the goal to have a single source supplier for both
  • Getting required product on a short notice
  • Limited time to maintain tables and floors during peak times
  • Reliability of dish machines that may need to run upwards of 6-10 hours per day depending on traffic
  • Excessive spend if cleaning products are not matched with the equipment or used incorrectly
  • Managing energy use to control costs
  • Equipment repairs and maintenance are required frequently
Swish Does the Dish Pit!

We offer solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, equipment that is reliable, purchasing programs that are simple, comprehensive and provide timely delivery. A few highlights include:

  • Our dependable repair technicians are available on short notice.
  • Our high productivity, reliable dish machines from leading North-American manufacturers—you can buy, rent or lease with us!
  • Our Food Service Maintenance Program can help you reduce consumption of water, energy and cleaning products and provide long-lasting efficiency.

As National Resources Canada states, washing or sanitizing dishes and glassware can account for 18% of a commercial kitchen’s energy costs. Let us help you reduce these costs, increase the efficiency of your dish pit and make your front of the house look its best, all to ensure the most pleasurable experience for your guests. 

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