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Solutions For Winter-Worn Floors

Intertior EntranceAre you tired of seeing that white powdery residue that salt and de-icers leave behind on your flooring? Have your patrons and customers been commenting on that? If left untreated, the residue on the floor makes a facility look unclean and can stain floors and carpets permanently, creating major replacement expenses. There are several specially formulated winter floor cleaning solutions that can help you restore beauty to your floors and reduce the risk of slip and fall, at a fraction of a replacement cost.

There are many reasons why a person might slip, trip, or fall on a surface. While someone may trip over an item impeding their way, Steve Spencer, who was featured on CleanLink explains, “a slip occurs when someone steps on a surface and traction is lost between the bottom of the shoe or foot and the surface they are walking on.” This could be anything from a wet floor to residue from ice melters or buffers and cleaners. As CleanLink reports, slipping, tripping, or falling can lead to significant injuries, resulting in lost time from work, expensive lawsuits, hospitalization, or even death. The average cost of a slip and fall accident is about $7,000.

With this in mind, it is important to choose your cleaning products carefully to ensure you are getting the job done right the first time.

We can recommend several products that are designed to demineralize salt deposits, reduce the risk of slips and make floor finish and carpets last longer.

  1. Enviro-Solutions Haze Away is our environmentally responsible, high-performance option and is UL approved for slip resistance. It can be used on hard floors, entrance matting, and carpets.
  2. Swish Clean & Green Winter Wash is concentrated for a better value floor cleaner, while also being biodegradable and ECOLOGO certified. It offers exception carpet extraction or hard floor cleaning.
  3. Swish Winterinse is a proven, high-performing product that restores beauty to floors for a good value. It is excellent for hard floors and carpeted areas.

To learn more or place orders, don't hesitate to contact us. We're experienced and want to help your floors be as visually appealing and safe year-round!

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