Posted by tashanewman ● 1/15/16 11:20 AM

Protect Your People This Cold & Flu Season

WebMany people come together in your building every day—and, yes, some are sick. You may not realize it, but the costs of cold and flu can quickly add up for your facility.

All it takes to spread germs and sickness is a cough, a sneeze, or an unwashed hand. Surfaces that many people handle every day become germ "hot spots," making it easy for others to pick up cold and flu viruses. Some of the most contaminated surfaces include keyboards, break room and restroom faucet handles, water fountains, door handles and vending machine buttons.

But the good news is that you can protect your people. This infographic from Kimberly-Clark Professional can help you reinforce an easy to follow 3-step process to wellness. By providing washroom products that help create a clean and hygienic environment you can reduce cross-contamination and help protect your employees and patrons from germs this cold and flu season.

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