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Touch-Free Washroom: More Than Just Clean

Washroom cleanliness has a significant impact on the perception that visitors and employees have of an organization.

No doubt you take pride in keeping your facility clean and welcoming to your patrons. The same can be said for the washrooms. Water on the counters, bits of paper towel on the floor, and unflushed toilets are unacceptable, and you work hard to keep messes like these under control. But it’s not just about the mess patrons can see or smell.

Often the bacteria and germs we can’t see pose a serious health problem, as well as creating unsanitary conditions in your facility washrooms that both your patrons and employees would not appreciate. Swish recommends a touch-free experience that protects people from areas of potential contamination known as hot zones. Hands become contaminated in just a matter of seconds simply by touching faucet knobs, toilet flush handles and soap and paper towel dispensers. Since these handles can be easily overlooked during the cleaning process, they become an ideal environment for germs and bacteria to thrive.

By creating touch-free facilities you can significantly minimize cross-contamination and the spread of germs, while promoting health and wellness. You can provide your patrons with a touch-free experience simply by installing the right equipment.

Touch-free flushing and automatic cleaning systems

No handle is needed to flush, but rather a sensor light activates the flushing system on toilets and urinals. Adding this piece of equipment in a washroom can really help to reduce cross-contamination and also ensures toilets are flushed, taking care of both the mess you do and don’t see.

Automatic cleaning systems clean toilets and urinals around the clock. This piece of equipment cleans hard-to-reach areas, such as rim holes, ensuring the whole fixture is cleaned properly.

Touch-free faucets
Touch-free Washrooms

A wave of a hand under these faucets provides just the right amount of water for washing up. Not only is this hygienic, but also can result in water savings up to 70 percent. It also prevents puddles of water on the sinks and floors where bacteria can breed further.

Touch-free soap dispensers

An automatic sensor dispenses a premeasured amount of soap or sanitizer so there is no need to touch a traditional lever or push button, helping to address the issue of cross contamination. Like touch-free faucets, these automatic dispensers reduce wasted product and help prevent unsightly messes.

Touch-free paper towel dispensers

Drying off your hands properly is just as important as washing your hands free of bacteria. Touch-free paper towel dispensers make this much easier for patrons and are more hygienic. The paper towels are protected in the dispenser so they are not exposed to existing bacteria and patrons are only touching the paper towel they are using.

By implementing touch-free fixtures and dispensers in you can reduce cross contamination and the spread of germs in your washrooms. This will not only help create a visually appealing environment, but a healthy one as well.

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