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Left-Handed Pressure Washer, Anyone?

As part of my Swish orientation, I had the pleasure of meeting with our Equipment Team. This team, very much like other Swish business units, consists of very passionate individuals, with over 150 years of combined knowledge and hands-on experience in cleaning equipment.

My most recent training session was with Paul Legros, who shared with me not only wealth of knowledge, but some fun facts about the equipment Swish offers. This session focused on pressure washers, which was very timely with the pressure washer season in full bloom.

Karcher Pressure Washer

Want to hear the fun fact? Swish became the first North American distributor of pressure washer for Kärcher, the world leader in pressure washers, over 30 years ago. Paul told me that our customer account number with Karcher reads something like 000001. Today we continue the tradition a major pressure washer distributor in North America—if they make it, we either have it on our floor or can get it for you. As Paul put it, “if you are looking for a left-handed pressure washer that works on Tuesdays and they make it, we will get it for you.”

Whether you are looking for a cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, powered by gasoline, diesel, or electricity, we can not only get a most peculiar model that best suits your needs, we will walk you through the selection process to ensure you pick the machine that will do what you need it to do.

Our equipment specialists are here to help you at every stage before and after you make the purchase. However, if you are doing a preliminary research or have to make the choice on your own, here are three key features you should be looking for to ensure your pressure washer serves you for a long time:

  • Brass Pump (vs. aluminum or plastic)
  • Stainless Steel Valves (vs. plastic)
  • Double-braided Wire-enforced Hose (vs. vinyl)

And one more thing—don’t be tricked by the name; you should not fill a hot water pressure washer with hot water because it will overheat and most likely break. You need to put cold water in, and the machine will heat it to the right temperature.

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Swish is here if you need help selecting a pressure washer or if you need your pressure washer serviced. We have the equipment service team to help you too! But that is a topic for another story.


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