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Assessing Your Chemicals And Procedures For Floor & Carpet Maintenance

Floor CareEvery once in a while it is a good idea to assess the chemicals and procedures you are using when cleaning and maintaining your floors. That way you will ensure you are maintaining an efficient and effective cleaning routine. A few simple tests can help you decide which products to switch or what cleaning habits you might need to break so that you can maintain the beauty of your carpets and floors properly.

The Performance Test

Be careful with floor brighteners that are designed to make floors look cleaner than they actually are. They should not be used as a replacement for actually cleaning the floor because over a period of time, build up can form causing yellowness. Brighteners can also affect fibre colour on carpets and rugs, appearance, and long-term performance.

It is always best to treat spots and stains as they happen. This will ensure a more thorough clean. If a cleaning product is not within reach, substitute with warm water and dishwashing soap or vinegar and ammonia.

The Environmental Test

Do not be fooled by all the “green” products and claims. The safest way to ensure your products are truly Green is to check their certification. If they are certified “ECP” (Canada) or “Green Seal” (U.S.), then they meet the standards to be classified as environmentally responsible products.

UL Symbol
The Safety Test

Floor finishes are great to use to enhance the look of floors and maintain their beauty. Not only that, they can also improve traction, preventing slips and falls. You can also assess the safety of your products by looking for the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) symbol. This symbol means the product has been certified and classified to meet standards for slip resistance.

The Human Test

Sometimes it is not the quality of the products being used, but rather human error that needs to be assessed. Make sure you are using the proper chemicals and tools for each specific surface and follow the proper directions on any of the product labels. When not used properly, surfaces can be damaged by the misuse of chemicals.

Improper use or not following all the directions given can also cause surfaces to look less than clean. Sometimes the rinse step is overlooked. If it is in the directions, then do it. Dilute chemicals properly based on the task at hand. The glug/glug method is wasteful, can cause more work, and can be damaging to floors. Avoid using products together that are not compatible with each other. Labels and MSDS’s should be consulted. Not only can surfaces be damaged, but even worse, serious chemical reactions that can be dangerous to everyone’s health and safety can occur. 

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